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  1. Invector chokes would be good since you could use browning, moss berg and Winchester tubes. Many time you can pick those chokes up cheap.
  2. That pad will also fit the M1 stock of you drill new holes and use the existing screws. Nice touch with the alum plate. That's using your head.
  3. Hey all, I am looking for someone who has a factory mag cap for an M1 that they won't be using after adding an extended tube. Just looking to buy one at a reasonable price since I'll most likely be scratching the snot out of it anyway. Let me know if you've got one in the parts bin. Thanks
  4. Buckeye33


    The M&P series is great line. I have all three sizes and they are a steal for the money. They are easy to work on and are very accurate. As many others have said, Smith took the good parts of the other plastic guns and fixed all their flaws.
  5. Thanks for tip on AR 15 forum. I guess I'll just have to be patient on the e bay thing.
  6. Would any one like to trade?
  7. Buckeye33

    WTB M1 Stock

    Hi all. I recently picked up an M1 tactical with the PG stock that I can't quite seem to get used to. Was checking if anyone has a regular stock lying around. Condition wouldn't have to be perfect as I'm using this for hunting. At this point could be willing to trade if that would help. Let me know. Thanks
  8. Hi all. Need to see if someone can give me some measurements from a SNT barrel. I need the choke diameter as well as the outside barrel dimension. I'm trying to determine if the guy who sets up my turkey shoot guns could add choke tubes. I love the idea of the short barrel and GR sights with 3.5 inch buck for our coyote infestation. We determined long ago you don't need a long barrel to get the best patterns, you need the correct choke. Any help or tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. While not an m4, I've used these for years for Deer out of an Ithaca. I have two slug barrels both of which are tighter than the average 870. I've found them to be both very accurate and effective on deer. If your ic choke doesn't prove accurate try a choke that is a few thousand tighter. I think they are great and are very clean shooting which would be good for a gas gun. Don't let anyone tell you they won't do the job out to 100 yds or more.
  10. I have a 26 if that's an option. I'd rather the 24 for yotes if you're interested
  11. I'm one who doesn't buy that porting does all that much. I had my beretta trap done and I don't see any difference. I'd try a ported tube first than decide if you'd like the barrel done. I get better patterns with the ported tube anyway.
  12. I would love to smuggle a herd into central Ohio and tern them loose. With the corn and beans around here they could go nuts.
  13. Email sent per pm let me know if you got it. I'm still learning iPad stuff.
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