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  1. Nope...just purchased some today and wanted some input on them that all.
  2. Just checking to see if anyone have try these on their benelli M4.
  3. Kip called me also but I wasn't worry about the wait time. But since I'm on vacation in California I guess I have a special box waiting for me when I get home :-)
  4. How do I order or buy your full length tube for the M4?
  5. So the spring you order from Brownells. Is it a full length spring or standard length spring?
  6. So where can I buy the benelli full length spring. Is it something that can be order at a regular gun shop and do I let them know I want the full length spring for my benelli m4. Any help from you would be great.
  7. So where can I buy the benelli full length magazine spring?
  8. So what case is that and did you do the cutout yourself.
  9. Brought one about two weeks ago for $1400 from them. They located in gulfport Mississippi and when I was there they had a camo version left. The correct name of gun shop is Dad's Super Pawn.
  10. I just purchased the 1 piece tube and debating if i should put it on my m4. Also should I used the stock spring or used the spring that came with the 1 piece tube.
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