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  1. Can anyone confirm how the Urbino attaches? I assume for the M4 it will screw on like a factory stock. I am in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia and can't install my c-stock while in state. I like the fact that the Urbino has a shorter length of pull. Mesa Tactical's office is about 3 minutes from my house so I would like to support them. That said if the stock takes 3 hands to install I will pass.
  2. The Surefire dedicated weapon lights have sizing washers that drop into the fore grip. I found when moving my light from an M1 to an M2 I needed to remove the washers. When I moved it back to the M1 I didn't add the washers and it was loose as you described. If you don't have the washers call Surefire @ 800-828-8809 and I bet they will send you replacement washers. Good luck, -JP
  3. I ordered one today. Great communicate via email.
  4. As the post says I am wondering if the GG&G M4 sling loop is large enough to accommodate the Magpul MS2 sling's snap shackle? This is the single point sling I run on all of my other carbines and shotguns. In the case of my Benelli M1S90 the GG&G sling loop appears to be much larger and getting the MS2 through it is no problem, I just can't tell with the M4 sling loop. Has anyone tried it? Thanks, -JP
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