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  1. I understand, that makes sense. Just curious, what type of hunting are you mainly doing with it? And if you come across a stock in that camo pattern for the SBE1/M1 (wont fit your SBE2), let me know. Thanks.
  2. You may be better off trading shotguns to get the gun you want. I've got the same gun in SBE 1 and its pretty much just a turkey gun. I've been looking for a standard stock too, in case I need to take it waterfowling. But I have a M2 set up for waterfowl duty. By the time you buy another barrel and stock you could have almost bought a used gun with the specs your looking for. Good luck!
  3. Sometimes ebay and gunbroker have them. If you get the pistol grip, would you sell your regular stock?
  4. Titus


    I like the Carlsons ext. tubes in my M2
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