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  1. Here are Team Benelli members Jansen Jones & Rob Romero at the AR15.com Pro Am 3 gun. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz8SiVl2Vo0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz8SiVl2Vo0
  2. Here is a link to some HD video from the 2011 Tactical Shotgun Championships held at the Del Tone / Luth Gun Range in St. Cloud, MN. A great match and I encourage those practical shotgunners out there to try and make this one next year. I used a Benelli SuperNova with 24" vent rib barrel to get the job done at the match. Thanks to Benelli USA for the shotgun support! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyWfvKNonZg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyWfvKNonZg
  3. Yes they do, they are marked "U.S." on the side. They are for sale on the Geissele website now I believe. The hammers have the following features: manufactured by Geissele so it is a U.S. made part marked 'U.S.' material is S7 tool steel sears are nicely cut and very smooth no gunsmithing or fitting is necessary, this is a 'drop in' hammer Essentially it is a stock replacement hammer with no performance advantages. It just helps with 922 compliance.
  4. Rob and I got our new G.A. US made Hammers in today, here are a few pics. Once I get one installed I will post more photos. We should have some feed back for Bill and the forum soon.
  5. I know my esteemed colleague Mr. Miller simply forgot about Benelli's other two shooters at the Midwest 3 Gun, Rob Romero who was 4th in Tactical Optics, and myself who was 4th in Heavy Optics. Kurt shot a fantastic match in irons, especially on the long range stage. Despite using irons, I am pretty sure he has telescope eye balls.
  6. Something is in the works concerning an out of the box 3 gun ready Benelli. Stay tuned!
  7. cold

    Top Shot

    Salient Arms Int'l does the following mods to the M2 package: Bolt Lightening Ion Bond or TiN coating of the bolt after lightening Trigger Job Modification / milling done on the loading port to enhance reloading Welded lifter to enhance reloading Extended bolt release button Extended Bolt handle
  8. cold

    Top Shot

    It is a Benelli M2 modified by Salient Arms International. Google Search them , since I cant post a link due to less than 5 posts on this site.
  9. Thank you Benelli for jumping into 3 gun and supporting some fantastic guys and gals!
  10. I am looking for 21" M1 or M2 barrels, used or new. Shoot me an email or message on this site if you have one your willing to trade or sell, and please include your asking price or what you would be interested in trading for. I've got lots of AR15 items as well as other guns/gear I've won off the prize table. Email is jtj27 AT mac.com Thanks in advance.
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