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  1. Great Point belchew. Now really is an opportunity to give it a try. Start at the local range and/ or sportmens groups. Get instruction for the various kind of shooting and get advice from different groups that can help open the doors to sporting and/or shooting opportunities and activities.
  2. OK, how much do you need to get out of it?
  3. OK somebody tell me what Lefthand shotgun? I mean I have a SBE II and love it. Considering another, just a different length. However to be fair i should compare, and I'm asking which lefthand shotguns should I consider?
  4. Ok I got it fellas. I got a used 26 SBE II from Scheels and have shot multiple pheasants, huns, Ducks, Tweeties, and two Turkeys since last year. I'm thinking of getting a new one(why I don't know, just have to have it). I shoot left hand and the Scheels guy said get this and try it for all the things I want to hunt. Guess what, he was right I could not go wrong. OK now I think I better get the new 24 to complement the used 26.
  5. Someone tell me the difference between the 24", 26", or 28" SBE II. Is it preference?, or is there a performance issue?
  6. I bought a used SBE II Left hand at Scheels last fall. I would guess it was broke in. Shot multiple pheasant, huns, tweeties, and a few crows. Last week-end I shot my first two Turkeys of my life. I'm curious what happens if it is not broke in?
  7. I shot my 12 ga. @ 42 yards with the full choke and a .660 jelly head. Using Wichester(double x magnums) 6 shot in 12 ga. visually both seemed the same, although in Turkey's out line the full had 40 pellets and the jelly head had 49. Two days later I shot 2 gobblers(28 yds and 55 yds) with the Jelly head choke. The 28 yarder dropped like a brick and slightly damaged the beard. Thee 55 yarder circled once and tipped over.
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