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  1. I have one of socomguys tubes I'll sell you.
  2. Makes devices/people go blind.. Temporarily with no permanent damage.. So they claim
  3. Such does not exist yet. You will have to wait till Kip gives the green light. Less one of us who has acquired one already chooses to sell theirs, that link you have is your only source.
  4. You will probably do some waiting with Kip. I have been frustrated with him myself. Notably, his lack of providing information annoyed me. But he does provide us with superior products. That you can count on. I'm sure his faults will eventually become leveled out as his procedures, etc., become more established. IMO he is the best at what he provides us with. You just have to be patient with him. But I can say without a doubt, he does deliver.
  5. My assumption came from his title where he asked army folk about an army type product for his son. Anyone with common sense would probably make the same assumption as I did, his son is in the army. Could be wrong but that's me putting 2 and 2 together. Notably written as an assumption in my first post by the "if"s which I put in there.
  6. Could be the fact that he was asking any army folks if they knew where to find an army acu for his son? Who the **** would want an acu for personal use with a big US stamped on it? He needed it for his son can go both ways: gift or cause his son asked him to get it. Either way, if it's for his son's personal use, then it's on them. However, if the army wants him to have it, it's on the army. End of story.
  7. I can't help you but I did want to say that if the army is telling your son he needs it.. Then they have to provide/issue it to him. they cannot require him to go purchase it himself. If it is just something that he wants on his own for use, then it's on him.
  8. Still not open for orders but shouldn't be too much longer. http://www.shop.carriercomp.com/product.sc?productId=13&categoryId=8
  9. 3.5 MOA.. Although I've not tried it. I can only assume the bigger 7.5 MOA would cover too much target at distance for me anyway. Everyone has their prefs.
  10. Firstly, I apologize. I should have been more explanatory. I assumed the people here would recognize the item in the photos provided. I provided a # of pics because we all love seeing the details. KB, you are correct. It is Kip's black variant. Yes, it isn't very black to say but I suppose it's Kip's final effort to provide us with a coating that would stand the test of time and be as "black" as he could get it on top of the titanium. Versus just painting it or otherwise coating it with something to achieve a total black that would eventually wear off. It's much "blacker" than the muted one I assure you. Many of us here know Kip's reputation is of the highest caliber and furthermore he is the only one who makes the perfectly sized 1/2 in bolt handle. The polished and muted variants have been out for a long time. And I've been here long enough to know that as long as they have been around, people, myself included, have wanted one in black. That said, I've been in line with Kip for a black version for a long time. Soon enough others will have the opportunity as well since they have come to reality now. Amsdorf, the rails are an all in one hanguard made by Surefire. Not hard to install at all. My optic is a Leupold Deltapoint reflex sight. It's small and awesome. Perfect for a shotgun. Best option IMO. There's other threads here where we have talked about it and other optic options.
  11. If you don't know and can't deduce it from the top three photos specifically, then I will just say nevermind.
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