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  1. slvraro

    WTS Benelli M4

    Its a GG&G. Can't remember the make of the rail/barrel clamp.
  2. slvraro

    WTS Benelli M4

    Need to sell my M4 with collapsible stock and all the mods for 922r compliant including mag ext,spring,follower,hammer, all from Kip.KZ quad rail(USA). Has a Sparc red dot and a green K15 LaserLyte with remote pressure switch mounted on a Magpul VFG. Surefire 6P light with 400+ lumen LED module mounted on forward picatinny rail. Blue Force Gear sling with push button QD ends. Gun has been test fired less than forty rounds of assorted high/low power buck/bird shot with no issues. No slugs have been through it. Comes with everything including original box and original Benelli box for the stock.
  3. Yes it was poor communication and impatience on my part. Too many irons in the fire right now. Thanks
  4. I bought this used from a fellow member and haven't used it. Looks as new but I believe it has been mounted before. I think Kip is out of these. $50 shipped. thanks
  5. Communication problems with buyer resulted in this being available again. Thanks
  6. HELI-COIL Interested to know EXACTLY which ones/size/type you used. Don't have much experience with them. Thanks
  7. If the threads aren't too stripped you can get a cleanout or thread restoring tap. Retap and check for fit. then reattach (with less torque) using red loctite on the ones that are stripped. Please don't use glue on a $2000 weapon. Frankly as often as I have heard of this problem I'm surprised no one offers a rebuild kit for this complete with drill bits,taps and screws for the fix!
  8. New. Never mounted. In the box. USPS MO $175 shipped.SPF
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