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  1. can you show us in this picuture where you had the ejector milled, just to clarify. i'm having the exact same issue. thanks! [ATTACH=CONFIG]1390[/ATTACH]
  2. i have an H&K super 90 field that i purchased in 1995 (i think). it has been great until about 3 months ago, when it started failing to fully eject spent 3" hevi shot duck loads. the spent hull hangs just at the mouth of the reciever; seeming to just barely not clear the front of the receiver. over the past few weeks, i have replaced the magazine spring, the recoil spring and recoil tube as well as the inertia spring in the bolt. it's still occuring but it doesn't seem to be as frequent. i'm just not sure what to do next. could it be the extractor latch spring is shot, or maybe i shou
  3. can you reuse the extractor retaining pin, or does it have to be replaced with a new one? wasn't sure if it was sacrificial. i have a new spring, but i didn't order a new retaining pin. i don't want to drive the old pin out and not be able to reuse it w/o having a new one if necessary.
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