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  1. Great job! I hate when they want to run and don't flush! As soon as they start running I chase after them like a crazy man which usually scares them enough to fly! When pheasants are in the woods they have a tenancy to want to run rather then flush! This Friday is opening day for us in Ohio! Can't wait and neither can my English pointer!
  2. I went with Max 4 camo and if that ever wears you can have some one dura coat your gun or even do it yourself. They sell dura coat kits that are relatively cheap. I just don't like the look of all black seems cheap looking to me. Its all personal opinion in the end. My shotguns are for hunting so the looks don't really matter that much. As long as they shoot thats all that matters. I also like the camo as it conceals much better,
  3. I patterned my M3500 with factory extra full turkey choke and Hevi shot magnum blend and had awesome results. I was planning on buying the Hevi shot turkey choke but don't need it after seeing the results with stock choke.
  4. I just picked up an m3500 autoloader for under $600 brand new. This would be a great beginners gun. It was also voted "shotgun of the Year" in 2012 by the NRA which is kind of a big deal considering all the awesome shotguns out there.
  5. Great reply! Cause I'm sure that's all you got!
  6. You might want to take a look at the Stoeger M2000 or M3500. The 3500 just came out and they are both auto loaders, The M3500 has had awesome reviews and it also shoots 3.5" shells if you plan on turkey or duck/goose hunt. I just got a Stoeger M3500 and am in love with it! It also has the exact same inertia system as the $$$$ Benelli autos. Once you move on to an auto loader you will not want to ever use a pump again, at least thats the way I feel. I got my M3500 for $550 and was also looking at the Super Nova but for the same price as an auto loader and the great reviews on the gu
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