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  1. I am also a big fan of the R1 ......... i used to have a 300WSM and regretted selling it . Now have a 30-06 and just love it ..... not selling this one i guarantee you lol.
  2. Hey i am reading this and replying many years after it was originally posted. I too could not see why it should cost 8-10 bucks for a tiny oring so i removed mine and measured it ............... with reasonable confidence i can say its a 012 size o-ring in Buna / Nitrile material . Bought a pack of 100 on Amazon for 4 bucks ........... will never probably use them but i have them just in case and at 4 bucks , deal of the century .
  3. I have a R1 and don't have such problems ...... believe me its a great gun and worth the time to go back to benelli USA for repair or replacement of the barrel.
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