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  1. Lol that's the problem when we don't need money - we can't be enticed to sell
  2. Hundreds eh? Hmm. I guess they're just...unobtanium 😊
  3. That's right, double what it's worth new for the titanium/steel charging handle. I'd prefer it to be in mint condition or close to
  4. Zero f*cks given. I wish I could be more like that
  5. Does the TTI bolt realease pad spin once it's installed? Other than tightening the screw, what prevents it from rotating if it's bumped? For comparison, the GG&G bolt pad has that slot in the back to prevent spinning, whereas the TTI pad is flat on the back. Thoughts? http://tarantacticalinnovations.com/tti-oversized-bolt-release/ edit: This one appears to have rotated a bit:
  6. Thanks for not shipping to Canada. Can you please send me a PayPal invoice via PM so we can get it out. Thanks.
  7. So when are they actually available to add to cart? Do you have a lot or do I have to sit here and refresh my browser like I did on Friday when I got my limited Oveready BOSS?
  8. So the ones you linked me to earlier (60878) are different than the ones above (70123). Which ones do I need? Also do you happen to have a photo showing these plugs in use? Thanks Here's the earlier ones again: http://www.brownells.com/shotgun-parts/barrel-parts/barrel-hardware/8-40-plug-screws-prod75293.aspx
  9. Just found this advising against the 8-40 screws: http://forum.benelliusa.com/showthread.php/31943-Benelli-m4-rail-delete-screw-hole-plug-options?p=177264
  10. Cause the rail looks silly and isn't being used.
  11. Does anybody run their M4 rail-less? Thoughts?
  12. All set up with the AVA light mount and Oveready X300 triple In order for the QD swivel to sit perpendicular to the barrel/mag (same direction as factory sling loop) you can’t run a light on the left side. Oh well, good thing for 1100 lumen X300s!
  13. And this will solve our problem (mine shipped yesterday) http://www.avatactical.com
  14. I’m sitting here swapping back and forth (literally) between the M80 and OEM 2-piece forend. I've had the M80 on for the last year and have no issues with it. Having said that, there is something about the 2-piece forend that I really like. It’s simple and it works. The M80 sticks down cause of that additional rail that I’ll probably never use unless grouping slugs with an Atlas bipod. I only have the M80 on mine because that’s what I was using to mount my Oveready X300 light… but now that I ordered the AVA mount yesterday I doubt I’ll be needing the M80. On a similar topic, yesterday I took off my OEM collapsible pistol grip stock and put on my stippled OEM field stock. I also took off my Aimpoint Micro T1 and went back to the factory LPA ghost ring. Basically, I’m all stock except the useful mods like Carrier Comp ti. tube, FFT 3/4" ti. knob, GG&G bolt release pad, NP3 coated pistons and Tactical Link sling. I went from fully modded M4 to a super clean back-to-basic setup. It just works
  15. After each shooting session regardless of round count I clean my pistons (which are coated with NP3 and takes 30 seconds to clean) and I disassemble/clean/lube bolt assembly and clean/lube receiver and sometimes I clean barrel, which is by far the lowest priority on a shotgun.
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