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  1. Crazy. I got my 81041 yesterday from a local gun store who ordered it for me directly from Benelli (Stoeger Canada). It only took a few weeks from the day I ordered it. *Edit, and a little OT, but... The damn handle/grip on the 81041 is so damn skinny it's a little disappointing. I thought it would at least feel similar to say a Hogue 14" LOP Remington 870 stock.
  2. And ^^ that is exactly why I replaced my LaRue mounts with AMD mounts. They have a much more positive grip on the rail, and can be easily swapped so the QD lever/arm closes on right or left side of receiver (with the arm facing back towards your face). Awesome.
  3. Weight isn't the key factor here, quality is. Carrier Comp is the best there is.
  4. While we're on the topic, is the 81041 easily to install like a Remington stock? Also, How does a sling attach to it?
  5. I just ordered one through my local Benelli dealer via Stoeger Canada. Don't ask how much it cost, not that it was preventing me from ever getting one
  6. No way. I like things to go relatively easy.
  7. It looks IDENTICAL. M3: http://store.benelliusa.com/m1m3-synthetic-stocks M4: http://store.benelliusa.com/m4-stocks (click the right-hand black square as the pistol grip is shown as default) M4
  8. My math could be off...I'll check my receipts when I get home.
  9. M4 = $2500 Carrier Comp titanium mag tube Carrier Comp rail FFT titanium charging handle Surefire forend Surefire X300 Ultra w/ QD mount Aimpoint Micro T1 w/ QD mount GG&G bolt release pad Tactical Link sling
  10. Got my pistons back from Robar. The NP3 is slick as ice...
  11. And the worst part of it...Colorado cares not about your decision. A shame really.
  12. Excess carbon is scraped off?? How long does that take and how high does the carbon have to build before actually coming loose (and does it fully break off down to the metal like when scraped)? I'm not familiar with NiB - how does it compare to NP3 (or NP3 Plus)?
  13. Yes, I was thinking of NP3 but that is a bit of an inconvenience sending my pistons down to get coated, etc... Actually, NP3 may be the answer. I have a fully NP3 coated Sig 228 and it barely needs cleaning.
  14. I know you aren't supposed to lube the pistons on the M4s pistons, and I never have. But...I fu*king hate scraping the carbon off of them after a big range session, and Frog Lube helps in this situation by preventing carbon from adhering to the metal. So, although the manual says to not lube the pistons, what would be wrong with applying a bit of heat and a very light coating of Frog Lube, then wiping it off once soaked in? *If you are unsure how Frog Lube works or you have never used it, please either use it or research it before commenting. It is not like a standard gun oil, which the manual says not to use. The area of the pistons I'm referring to is circled: Thanks for the help!
  15. SD, thanks for the great reply! For the record, I have an OD green Patrol Pack pack but never use it because of the compartment issue. I find my Eagle A-III MOLLE Pack much more convenient, albeit larger.
  16. SD, Do you find your Patrol Pack to be a bit inconvenient having just one compartment?
  17. ^^ This can't be true? Working tools? I thought they were for show
  18. Got it, thanks for the replies! I just never noticed this stuff on my previous M4. I guess I'm just paranoid because I'm noticing all these dings and damage (bolt, receiver) after one quick session firing a handful of rounds.
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