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  1. Is this pic of the M80 a new model forend or the older ones? I have heard of fitment issues with the older forends, requiring some filing to sear properly. Thanks.
  2. I returned mine today. I will buy the BM4 Sidearmor Short Rail and the 6-shot shell holder which clamps on the side. That way I can take off the shell holder if I need to sling my gun while in the bush hunting bear (I find the Mesa shell carriers dig into my back when the gun is slung).
  3. Meaning that they now use the factory screws? How can I tell if I have a new model or an older one?
  4. lets try Google > Wikipedia: [h=3]Foster Slugs[/h]A Foster slug, invented by Karl Foster in 1931, is a type of shotgun slug designed to be fired through a smoothbore shotgun barrel. The standard American domestic shotgun slug, they are sometimes referred to as "American slugs" to differentiate them from the standard "European slug" design popularized by Brenneke. The defining characteristic of the Foster slug is the deep hollow in the rear, which places the center of mass very near the tip of the slug, much like a shuttlecock or a pellet from an airgun. If the slug begins to tumble in flight, drag will tend to push the slug back into straight flight. This gives the Foster slug stability and allows for accurate shooting through smoothbore barrels out to ranges of about 75 yards (69 m). Most modern Foster slugs also have "rifling", which consists of thin fins on the outside of the slug. Contrary to popular belief, these fins actually impart no spin onto the slug as it travels through the air. The actual purpose of the fins is to minimize the friction on both the barrel and projectile and allow the slug to safely be swaged down when fired through a choke, although accuracy will suffer and choke wear will be progressively accelerated when fired through any choke gauge tighter than open. It is also possible to fire Foster slugs through rifled slug barrels, though lead fouling (build-up in the rifle grooves) can be a problem. Accuracy is otherwise not appreciably affected in standard shotgun rifling.
  5. Montana, I too purchased a new Mesa 6-shot saddle yesterday for my BM4 and was super worried about installing it after reading all the horror stories. It’s sitting here either about to get installed or returned to the shop. I’ll wait for some more replies before I make a decision. On the flip side, I have heard a lot of good stuff about the Sidearmor system. The only downside I see with it though is the size (weight isn’t a huge factor). It really seems to bulk up the gun. Not to mention I just ordered a Surefire M80 forend, and having picatinny rails all over the thing is not that appealing to me both practically and aesthetically.
  6. I’ll keep this simple, Which company makes the "Ferrari" of the full length mag tubes for the M4? I know there are several companies out there making them but from what I’ve heard, only about two of these companies would be considered the best, quality wise (in this case I’d bet that price reflects craftsmanship). Thanks.
  7. Preferably in excellent condition. Thanks.
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