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  1. its the same as a lee with the key drive
  2. get some glowing party ballons from ebay and cut out the LED and battery then with a glue gun glue into the void on the inside of the foster slugs and your good to go! i havent seen any videos of these on youtube so i guess no one knows about it yet i got the idea because tracer slugs are illegay where i live. i have done this and it does work and with the glow coming from the back only the shooter can see them glow
  3. can you make custom tubes tubes for the sbe thanks
  4. As above if anyone is interested thanks
  5. the problem is the US shops wont post them here so it will have to be from a private seller
  6. hunter1987


    hi i have the sbe2 and i think its awesome i think the vinci looks ugly just my opinion
  7. hi guys i live in the uk and im trying to find a mag tube they are very expensive over here so if anyone has one for sale please pm me i have a sbe2 with a 26 inch barrel and im looking for an extension that will sit flush with the end of the barrel thanks
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