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  1. Thanks M4Whore (great name...), but that doesn't address the Performance Supersport which they have Briley backbore to 0.773.
  2. I have a 12ga Performance Shop SuperSport that came with Briley Extended Chokes that are listed with 0.733 bore. I also have some Benelli Extended CrioChokes. Can these all be used in my Performance Shop SuperSport, Standard SuperSport, and Original Vinci? Will they be the same disignation (M, LM, IC, etc.) no matter which gun I use them in? Thanks Gregg
  3. Does anyone know of a phone number for Benelli USA that i can call to ask???
  4. Mine came with a D shim.
  5. I just got my new Preforemance Shop Supersport and shot some sporting clays yesterday. GREAT GUN!!! The labeling on the standard extended tubes has me confused. Each tube is stamped with the type including both an abbreviation and also stars (M ***), but they have a different type printed on the top edge. In this case the tube has IM printed on it. All of the tubes are the same way; stamped with one type and have the next more open type printed on top. Is this normal? Which one is correct? Thanks for the help. Gregg
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