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  1. For example in the upland section it is showing 160+ threads, but when you click on the forum link, only on thread. What gives?
  2. better swing to the 28". I have never had an issue in the grouse woods with my 28" 686 12ga
  3. As an owner of a couple benellis (SS 12ga, Monte 20ga) a few Berettas (2 686 12ga, and an AL391) a Mossberg 535 12ga, Browning Super 20ga, Winchester ...... Well you get the point, I have a small opinion on the matter. 1st off, dump the idea of a 20 ga as an "all around" shotgun gauge; 12ga is your all around. You can load it heavy for turkey, deer and long fliers like phasant. You can underload it (not light much with the Inertia drive ) for smaller game like grouse and dove. It will give you a higher pellet count than in a 20ga (duh) and the means more chances to break/kill. As fo
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