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  1. can anyone tell me where i can find a 10 round clip for my R1 300 win mag
  2. love my R1 300 win mag lol but also love my weatherby mark 5 7mm mag both are very dependable and accurate rifles.only bad thing about the 300 it only comes with a 3 round clip and needs a 10 round
  3. whats that mean lol they dont make them??????
  4. hello i have recently bought a R1 300 win mag and i am wanting a 10 round clip if anyone has any suggestions any info will be appreciated
  5. hello fellas i am new to this sight i have recently bought a r1 300 win mag with a sniper precision 6x24x50 scope burris scope rings, really nice strap and case and 250 rounds of ammo for the rifle for 1000 dollars. thought it was a good deal so i bought it.... only one problem i cannot find a 10 round clip and want one. Any comments would be helpful.
  6. shouldnt loose too much due to the barrell getting hot. i just bought mine 2 weeks ago so i dont really know about this gun... i got the gun a awsome strap with a sniper presicion 6x24x50 scope burris scope rings and 250 rounds of ammo for 1000 dollars so i bought it... my big question is how do u get a 10 round clip for the gun
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