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  1. pmillen

    SBE II Finish?

    What is the barrel finish on the SBE II? It looks a bit like parkerizing and a bit like paint. I normally don't obsess over normal mars from normal use but I scratched it rather seriously trying to hold it and an ATV handlebar.
  2. I grew to hate it after a few days of pheasant hunting. I don't think a shotgun is improved by adding a rifle sight. I took it off. AND I had to pull two pins that came with the sight 'cause the factory spacers have built-in alignment pins. I didn't remember that part of the installation.
  3. Quail are scarce where I have hunting privileges. I'd rather hunt them 'cause they hold and my weimaraners point them (wild pheasants run). But then there's the problem of hitting quail. I need a huge cloud of shot.
  4. pmillen

    Good Day

    Beautiful birds. Beautiful gun. I'll be in North Dakota in two weeks for the non-resident opener. I'm fooling around with my equipment and kennels and my two weimaraners are going nuts. I can only take one dog 'cause my three hunting buddies are taking theirs. There's four guys, four dogs in kennels and guns in the Youkon XL so one dog stays home. All of the other stuff is in a trailer. The dog that gets left behind mopes until we return.
  5. I've had mine on my SBE II for more than a year. I don't recall any cutting or drilling. My workbench was a padded pickup tailgate with only hand tools available. It helps me when I shoot at game flying straight away or incoming. I don't look down the barrell on quartering or crossing shots so I don't use it then. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXo0WUiCx34. It's wonderful when aiming like a rifle as on turkey or deer. I'd call Burris. Something's not the same as mine. (Then again I have a bad memory.)
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