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  1. Well thanks for the help, knew I could count on you people.
  2. you seen it here on the internet it has to be true they can't post anything here unless it's true.
  3. I have hunted birds a good bit of my life Dove Quail Pigeon, thiswaa before the screw in chokes and the barrel lenght's in those days were 26 and 28 30 if you have a 3 inch mag. was never a need for the 3 inch as we could use lead shot in those days. Now the norn is non lead shot. I am thinking your not going to do well with the really short barrel. And as you said the price of a new barrel a man can get another shotgun. The other day this pasted week I picted up a Stoerger turkey gun used but not much for $240.00 out the door the price of a new barrel and its a 3 1/2 too boot with 2 cho
  4. Well this didn't get much in the way of replies.
  5. Maybe the Doves relatives send the Ducks a text about you, just a thought.
  6. Have never been Goose hunting, the shotguns I have have 24 inch barrels its what I have and what I am goling to use to start with. If I like the first experance Goose hunting then I may changet the barrel lenght but for now my Turkey guns are going to have to do double duty so to speak. I have checked into single blinds so there should be a problem with the short barrel being too long excpt to me and I can wear ear plugs. What I am needing to know is how to make my own decoys for the geese and how does one go about getting on public land to hunt here in Texas? Many thanks for all your help
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