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  1. In for sure! Yet another awesome give away...thanks!
  2. As my 2 year old boy always says: "I need that!" Thanks for the opportunity.
  3. Please count me in! I think I would look great in that hat and my tool box could use a few more stickers!
  4. Thanks for the reply and your time truckcop. I could not get the one pin holding the trigger group all the way out. Sorry for the confusing verbiage...was using the Benelli manual terms (pictures of a guy in a wool suit no less). I'll give it another try. Thanks again!
  5. Greetings and thank you so much, in advance, for your time and any replies and/or suggestions you may have. I have an HK/Benelli M1 Super90 (18.5 inch barrel) that I bought new way back in 1995. Awesome weapon and still fires flawlessly after all these years. My question/issue is this: In all of these years of shooting it I have never extracted the trigger group from the receiver to clean it (yes, I'm ready to be flamed here for not doing it). The feed ramp is all of the sudden sticking in the upward position and not loading consistently. I finally sat down to extract the stop plug/pin to remove the trigger group and could not get either to come out. Does the stop pin completely come all the way out or does it stop at the very last bit so it stays in the receiver group? The owners manual shows it coming completely out. Either way I was afraid I was going to brake something trying to force the pin and trigger group out. I tugged on it every which way but could not get it to budge. Am I just being a rookie and not giving the pin a good punch all the way out which is preventing the trigger group from letting go? I can only imagine the amount of junk that has built up in there despite it still shooting perfectly. Any suggestions? Thanks again for your help. --Mike
  6. New member and first post. Still rocking and rolling with my Benelli/HK M1 that I purchased in 1998. 14 years of flawless perfection. Happy to have found this sight. Cheers to all...
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