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  1. LGS is getting some of these in, and I have a question about the stock. If I wanted to add the factory Bennelli adjustable stock to this is it easily done? Meaning is it just a drop in replacement onto the existing buffer tube? As to keeping with 922r compliance, what other parts would I need to swap out to do this?
  2. these will fit in shotguns designed to take 2 3/4 or 3 " shells/?
  3. PA is going nuts...two new pieces of legislation related to an AWB are being introduced from reps at each end of the state...
  4. Not really new to semi-auto shotguns, I already own a Beretta AL390 which I use for hunting small game and trap/clays, but for the longest time Ive wanted a Benelli M4. The price of the M4 has always been a deterrent for me, even though I have come close to at least putting a deposit on one on many occasions.. But at $1800+++ that is more than even many top shelf AR rifles. So, I was in my LGS yesterday doing a transfer on another firearm, when I spied an M2 tactical/18.5"/pistol grip/ghost ring sites on the wall. Seemed well made and pretty solid, and seeing as how everything semi-auto is flying off the shelf faster than they can be stocked, and the price was not inflated ($1045 + tax OTD), I just said screw it and had them throw that in also. The only thing I knew about this is that it is recoil operated, unlike the M4 which is gas operated...normally for a purchase like this I would have done more homework upfront. Once I got home I started reading more about it and realized what the limitations are compared to the M4, namely the inability to mount too much hardware on it. Primary use of this is basically just for fun, might try some 3-gun competitions with it...not really for home defense I have pump shotgun for that. Thoughts ? what are people here putting on their M2's? should I have just bit the bullet and tried to find an M4?
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