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  1. I am looking for a M1 or M2 tactical with factory ghost ring sights. I have a Benelli M1 with upland stock and barrel, in excellent condition, barrel ported. Sweet bird and clay gun. Wanna trade?
  2. Considering selling an HK M1 super90 12ga. strait stock, 21' ported, vented rib bbl. Less than 300 rounds run through it. I would like to get $850 for it to put toward an M2 tactical.
  3. Midway has new ones made by Benelli. Not cheap though $430.00. I am looking for one for an M1.
  4. tateb24, Sorry I didn't see your PMs. Been sorta busy working and burying family. What's on your mind? I don't see your messages as I see the one above from a Mark.
  5. Mark, I'll keep you in mind. If I end up buying a barrel I probably would sell this one. Are you sure you wouldn't part with your 18.5 " tac barrel? We could both be a winner! Jim,
  6. I have a black synthetic field stock from my (HK) Benelli 12 ga for sale. $110.00 very good condition. Reason for sale, I replaced it with a Mesa tactical stock. I also have a 12 ga. 21' barrel from same gun, very good condition, ported and forcing cone lengthened, rib and red bead at the muzzle, changeable chokes. Barrel is for trade only not for sale. I am looking for a compatible tactical barrel. For and aft sight. Ghost rings if they can be swapped. barrel length 19" preferred no longer than 21" Essentially changing the gun from hunting gun to a tactical CQB gun.
  7. I am also looking for recommendations in ammo choice to run through a Benelli M1 90 12 ga. with a mag extension. Ex. would you mix slug and shot etc? Strictly thinking home defense, not hunting.
  8. I have a benelli M1 super 90 with a strait stock. I found your post while looking for a tactical stock. Mine is in good shape. I am committing this gun to strictly home defense. I have other guns for bird shooting. I find I double tap my birds with this gun so I might as well set it up for how I use it. Are you interested in a strait up trade?
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