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    Born n raised in south Louisiana, just finishing up 14 years in the Navy.
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  1. Looking to trade or sell my Benelli Supernova Tactical. It was purchased new by myself and all accessories were purchased new. It has had one box of shells run through. It shoots 2.75 to 3.5 inch super mags. I have $1600 in this setup. It includes the following- -Benelli OEM Adjustable Pistol Grip Stock, will come with original box. -Benelli OEM 2 shot extension tube, also have original packaging and original parts. -Meprolight Ghost Ring Sights with green Tritium inserts, also original packaging. Original sights also included. -Sidearmor Rail System, easily the best setup on the marke
  2. Ok Carl. I see the pictures and that tells me nothing. So what's the mod Carl since you won't respond to a pm or email? You are obviously posting these pictures because you want people to know so let's hear it. How did you get it to fit?
  3. Carl is full of sh!t. I pm'd him and sent an email asking about the mod 2 weeks ago. No response, he keeps posting this same exact line.
  4. Pm sent for info on the modification.
  5. So I have a new Supernova tactical that has not been fired. I installed a Sidearmor rail with two forward facing shell carriers and a TLR- HL. I loaded her up last night and will cycle the first two rounds but then nothing. I have to push on the shell to get it to chamber. Anyone else have this issue? Any fix for it (besides sending a new gun into Benelli)? Stronger spring maybe? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  6. Apparently they got some in stock, just ordered one!
  7. Hi all, looking to buy a Sidearmor rail system for my Supernova. They are currently backordered. If anyone has one to sell or knows if one for sale please let me know. Thanks!
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