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  1. I sent my trigger back to benelli and the lightened it for me. I believe it's around 5.5lbs now.
  2. Maybe it's not, I take slight offence to that. It's not Jerry rigged, all factory parts used and a machined/milled notch to add a position. I can just about guarantee chillidaudz doesn't have the m4 stock on his supernova. From what I know I'm the only one who has done it. From what I've noticed almost all c-stocks have a little slop in them to make adjustment easier. Mine it tight with no slop on notch I machined but because of that it's a little bit more difficult to "find". Only did it to begin with because I prefer the look of the m4 c stock over the supernova c stock
  3. I have a m4 c-stock on my supernova. The wobble is easy to fix. All you have add a little weld to the notch and the wobble is gone. I also added my own notch for a custom lop. I had the urbino stock and didn't care for it.
  4. Why wouldn't it cowitness with the ghost rings on the supernova? I thought all the ghost ring sight in the benelli line were pretty much the same. I'm looking at this rail also for my supernova.
  5. The grip feels great, for me this is by far the best feeling of all the setups I've run. I did a round of sporting clays today(the looks I get are amusing) with it and it just felt right, so I couldn't be happier.
  6. after trying the factory pistol grip, mesa and comfortech stock ive finally found the one that feels best on my supernova tactical...[ATTACH=CONFIG]2577[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2578[/ATTACH]
  7. thanks m2_shootr I watched that vid a couple days ago. It was one of the vids that got me thinking about the m4 stock again. Thank you guys, I couldnt ask for better help.
  8. Thank you fir the ever helpful picture. How about this then... Does the stock tube from a m4 thread into a supernova?
  9. Hello everyone, I'd like to know what doesn't work with the m4 collapsible stock on a supernova tactical. I have the stock tube with the notches. Is the diameter incorrect? I'd like to know what doesn't work. Too see if its not something I can mod to fit. Thank you for your time guys. Gumby
  10. http://www.davisfirearms.com/Gunsmith_Price_List.htm This is who I had thread my barrel for chokes. Great pricing, spot on work and very fast turn around time.
  11. Yes, I went with extended chokes because its a thin wall barrel and if your going to shoot steel or hevi metal it needs to be extended because you don't want to put the stress on the barrel. In total with 1 choke it was $100-110. Ill post who did the work for me later today. I chopped the stock to fit my body better. Ill try to get some hq pics of her I hear what you saying about some people's hd shotguns some do tend to go overboard. The only other thing id like to do is figure out a clean way to mount a light to the forend, like a tlr1 or something.
  12. personally id go with a supernova tactical with a comfortech stock and ghost rings. I dont think theres a better pump on the market. this is why i say to go with the comfortech stock: Its a lot easier to find pistol grip stocks compared to the comfortech and ive seen the pistol grip stocks go for as low as $50 if you do end up wanting a pistol grip . I was in your same position 4 years ago trying to decide between the 870, 500 and supernova. after doing the pros and cons the benelli was the clear winner in my book. Largest loading port, smoothest action, most comfortable, lifter stays up(no bite), ez to take apart and overall all the features. Price point wasnt to bad either($420 new out the door). After I went to a retail store where all 3 were and i worked the action the supernova was like butter and the 870 and 500 were to be nice felt like garbage, they were gritty and more effort to work. I use my supernova tactical for everything HD, range toy, sporting clays and hunting I love it, it really does what ever you want it to my supernova I cut the comfortech stock to a 13in lop custom limbsaver mesa 6 round carrier had the factory barrel threaded for chokes and I use colonial arms thin wall extended chokes (over 300 rounds no issues) fiber optic front sight tritium rear custom nordic extension (.75in longer to match the choke length) nordic follower Benelli got my trigger to 5.5lbs
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