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  1. Cool! Thanks, I'm in too. Would be my third of your mounts.
  2. The 7/8" snap rings seem like the perfect choice for my 6PX Tactical Surefires. Thank you for that tip! Can't imagine the lights walking now, but just to be sure I installed two snap rings. LOL
  3. What I mean is that it seems that it would be possible to create a left side of the main part of the mount that more mimics the right, but with the QD. So basically imagine a mirror image facsimile of the right side but with the larger QD portion on the bottom. This would allow users to flip the mount if they wanted, or use it so that the QD appears on the left or right side. Both sides would have the rail portion, and the circular light mount would be omitted in this idea.
  4. Correct. It felt very solid before shooting, then walked out within 25 rounds or so.
  5. I torqued them down pretty good and used blue loctite. I believe the issue is that the light is just too smooth to allow good purchase on it by the mount. Pretty sure the grip tape should do the trick, but there are a few ways to skin this cat.
  6. Hi Joel, I've encountered this exact issue. I have two mounts, both with SF 6PX Tactical lights. Upon breaking in my M4's, I noticed that both of the lights quickly worked their way forward and necessitated me removing them so they didn't fall off. I was thinking that I could use some grippy tape to secure them, by wrapping the rear of the light a little and then re-securing it. But if you have another option I'd be interested. Also.... I was thinking about how I'd like to have the left side (the one with the qd sling mount) to be more like the right, as an option. This would allow the mounting of an X series weaponlight or something similar on the left side. It would also potentially allow the sling to be mounted 90 degrees from the barrel as a result of having a little more room to play with, which would be more comfortable for some people. Perhaps as an optional left side assembly sold separately? Just a thought. Many thanks, P.
  7. I know the owner of the blog and brought it to his attention. I'm really impressed with the mounts and wanted to help out in one of the few ways that I could.
  8. When installing my FFT replacement magazine tube, should I also use a thread locker? If so, which one do you guys recommend and how much of it should be used? Lastly, what torque specs is recommended (I have a torque wrench handy)? Thanks in advance, and I apologize if this is a thread hijack in any way but it looks like many of you would be able to answer this given the rest of the thread's contents.
  9. What is considered the best aftermarket bolt handle? I'm new here and just wanting to learn. The stock one seems pretty good to me.
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