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  1. The way a Japanese sword polisher refines a blade, StrangerDanger takes a great gun and enhances it's greatness. Every aspect of my M1014 was was gone over in meticulous detail. Not to mention his excellent communication, fast turnaround, and knowledge of the platform. I really can't say enough about the level of service received. Top-notch guy.
  2. Received! Thanks for the smooth sale, John P.
  3. I'm the guy - and I'll take it. Thanks StrangerDanger! John - shoot me your PayPal address
  4. Thank you for the replies, gentlemen. StrangerDanger - Outstanding post on replacing the receiver extension. Again ~ Thanks for hosting such a great forum.
  5. Hello - First post, here. I'm a relatively new M1014 owner who would like to have the following modifications done: - Have extra notches milled so I can collapse the stock - Install a full length magazine tube. I've done some searching, and I understand some of the difficulties posed by how you will essentially damage the receiver if you attempting to remove either. I'd love to to have a full length magazine tube installed rather than the +2 extension. So in your wisdom, what do you suggest? - I have not been able to find current information on gunsmiths to modify the stock. Any trusted Benelli gunsmiths out there? - Think it's worth trying to mill out the Red Locktite'd magazine tube and install the 7 rounder? I understand the current magazine tube will be destroyed in the process. and lastly: - Was there ever a BATF letter regarding the stated modifications? The threads discussing it were dated back as far as 2004. Totally willing to install some US made parts if I have to make a minimum parts count. This forum has been a great resource when searching for my Benelli so, thanks for all that you've shared. I'm loving my M1014, and I'm sure I'll love it even more once these mods are complete. Any help is appreciated ~ Cheers!
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