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  1. I like the sight picture that I get with the Big Dot, acquisition is easy. Again, I use this system on several weapons and I am very pleased with it. Oh and I have the Meprolite tritiums in the rear. The nut is only a pain to get started, after that it's cake.
  2. I have their Big Dot Tritium Site (SG-2010-3) on my M4, on their web site it is listed for the M1. Other than it's a damn tiny ass nut that attaches it, I had no other issues. I am very happy with it, I am also a Bog Dot fan having them on my carry weapons. https://www.xssights.com/Products.aspx?CAT=8264
  3. For the same reasons folks on this forum quieve over other items sold for the M4 so do folks for items made by Spuhr. The quality is impeccable. I have a cantilever scope mount on an M110 project that I built holding a 34mm tube XTR II scope and the thing is worth every dollar spent (just over $400 in my case). Seriously, placement of the pressure switch is operator preference and not a design issue. The accessory attachment holes are of little concern honestly as the mounts offered are of the same exceptional quality and there are many offerings. See the Burris Fast Fire III attached to my sc
  4. So now that I have my mount, who has a good price on the sight?
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