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  1. I purchased one of those to put a T2 on my H&K 93 for the purpose of seeing the stock irons through the Scalarworks mount - it works like a charm and is a wonderful mount.
  2. i don't remember the brand, sorry. It was 4-5 years ago when I ran them through a shotgun class on my M1 S90. Day 1 went well, but as the class progressed, they became less stable for me. After the class, I removed it, gave it to a friend and put on a rigid carrier. I've never looked back. at the risk of sounding like a specwar-wannabe, they are probably just fine for the vast majority of uses. If I am ever doing weapons transition "for real" while rolling around in the dirt and brush, I'm having a really bad day. If one is not making frequent and repeated contact with the ground, it's likely they will stay right where they were placed. but as I say, I did have that experience and the experience stuck with me (no velcro pun intended...).
  3. no worries. You guys make good stuff, if I see a hole in the market, maybe it's an opportunity for a trob09 rail...(just joking, my business is in a different industry...) i found the velcro options to be less stable. In one instance, the Velcro card ended up flapping around as I moved, and falling off. I found this to be exacerbated when trying to switch cards in the middle of a stress event. I like Velcro, but I'm not sold on this as a solution for carrying extra rounds on a shotgun. Other are sure to have different opinions. i look forward to seeing your new offering. As I say, you make great stuff.
  4. I understand the purported benefits of the soft carriers, I've tried them, I'm not a fan. But this has served to confirm to me that no Scalarworks rail with integrated rigid shell carrier is in planning/in the works. That's cool. I'm happy with my rmr rail and the aim point mount for my AR and I'm grateful to scalarworks for bringing cool stuff to market. I just wish an all-in-one rail, rmr mount (on the forward portion of the rail) and she'll carrier was an available option.
  5. tac star makes a side saddle that does not include a top rail. It works, but is not ideal. The biggest drawback is that it mounts using a bolt that replaces the trigger-group retaining pin. If you over-tighten the bolt, the shotgun won't cycle. If you under-tighten, it can work loose. I use lock tite on mine to keep it in the sweet spot. The shell carrier itself is plastic, which expands and contracts with temperature makings shell removal easier or harder depending on conditions (even in the same day..), the plastic carrier mounts to an aluminum plate with small screws which need to be lock-tite-ed into place or they are gone. while I've just listed the negatives, it is the side saddle I use - until scalarworks makes a rail with an integrated carrier that is.
  6. yes, not a good end-state for string of fire.
  7. while 'accidental full auto' sounds cool, it can also have severe legal consequences. I had an aftermarket trigger in my SCAR which became a burst-fire trigger after a thousand rounds or so. All I could think of was David Olofson https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_v._Olofson I'm glad to hear you were able to track down the problem for the owner.
  8. Every year is overkill. I have a rmr 01 on its 3rd year with the same battery. Maybe consider every even-year-birthday...
  9. I've got one - put it on, took it off, put it into a box and let it sit there. pm me and we can talk terms.
  10. Agreed. I have the DMW one as well. It's a good upgrade.
  11. what he said. You can absolutely use the original factory tube - it will work just fine with the 14" barrel. The Carrier Comp tube is lighter, corrosion-proof and provides a tingling sensation in the pants.
  12. the "5 round" tube from CarrierComp is what you seek....
  13. Fired through the M4: Remington - low recoil slug - low recoil 00 buckshot - #7 bird Sellier & Bellot - Slug - 00 Buckshot - #4 buckshot Fiocci - 00 buckshot Federal - LE low recoil 00 buckshot - high power 00 buckshot Winchester - Ranger 1oz LE slug All have functioned fine. there is a noticeable recoil difference between the 'low recoil' rounds and the 'high power' rounds, but all of them function and pattern fine. I have designated the Federal LE low recoil buckshot and the Winchester Ranger as my "defensive use" rounds. I get a nice 3" cluster of 5 rounds at 50 yards with the slugs and can keep the 00 buck in a 9" circle out to 25 yards.
  14. Good to know. I have trijicon sights only M4 now, but in a dozen years or so I may look to refresh... (and yes, it is a tiny nut on the sight!)
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