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  1. I have looked allover the place and cannot find a forward sling attachment for my Supernova Tactical LE model. Can someone PLEASE point me in the right direction. Thanks
  2. I just bought a Supernova Tactical LE only model and I'm having a hard time finding a light mount for it. The only one I found was a Nordic Components but I'm not sure if its compatible with the extended factory Benelli magazine tube. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance gentleman.
  3. Calculated

    Announcement: AVA Mod1 for the Benneli M4

    Ordered...thanks a lot!
  4. Calculated

    WTB: Ava Tactical light mount for M4

    Looking for an Ava Tactical light mount for my M4. If you have one for sale please let me know. Thanks!
  5. Calculated

    WTB AVA Tactical 1 inch ring for M4 light mount

    What does the 1" mount allow you to do as opposed to the .8"? Is the .8" compatible with a Surefire Scout? Thanks
  6. Calculated

    Benelli M4 and ATI Raven questions

    I just bought a Carriercomp Ti 7 round tube and an OEM Collapsible stock. I still need to buy the hammer and the FFT trigger group. Anything else I need at this point? Which side shell holder do you recommend? Mesa Tactical Polymer 6 round has my attention.
  7. Calculated

    Benelli M4 and ATI Raven questions

    Thank you sir for the well thought out I response, I really appreciate that. So, you prefer the Carriercomp tube as opposed to the OEM 7 shot tube? Thanks again!
  8. Calculated

    Benelli M4 and ATI Raven questions

    Well, I cancelled my order for this setup after I read many negative reviews about the overall quality. Back to square one now.
  9. Calculated

    Benelli M4 and ATI Raven questions

    NoTycoon, can you recommend a Picatinny Rail Shroud that will work on the 7 shot OEM tube? Thank you!
  10. Calculated

    Benelli M4 and ATI Raven questions

    Thanks for the knowledge, I appreciate that. Looks I'll be using the extension rather than the 7 shot OEM tube. Thanks again!
  11. Calculated

    Benelli M4 and ATI Raven questions

    I just ordered the complete ATI Raven combo for my M4 and I have one question. I would much prefer to use the OEM Benelli 7 shot tube rather than the ATI extension. Is the 7 shot tube compatible with the Raven kit? Thanks in advance!