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  1. I have the same gun i hunt in northern utah it get cold here i had the same problem but it wasnt doin it in the cold just tear it apart and get into the fireing pin and wipe it down you can tear it apart in the feild its not hard to do that fixed me problem for me
  2. I have a nova 12 guage with a 28 in Barrel and was woundering if any of you have this gun dialed in with a good choke and type of shell i bought the gun to hunt duck and mainly geese out here in northern utah and i have have a carolsons long rang choke in it i believe it is a 695. Chok and at 40 yards i do have a about 40 in spred but i was hopein to close that up a little bit so i was hopin some one on this site would have dialed theres in and done the leg work for me with the type of shells and choke lol so i was wondering what kind of input you guys have to help me out by closeing my spred a little bit
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