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  1. Maybe it will be like the Holy Grail CC Charging Handle 😀
  2. How much they asking for it?
  3. Removed..................
  4. Have read it has issues with reticle washout
  5. How about the Burris FastFire series. I've always liked Burris optics
  6. M4LE

    Side saddle

    I've owned many shotguns and sidesaddles. If your going to have one there is none better than Asgard Defense. Like anything you get what you pay for
  7. M4LE

    Benelli M4 Forend

  8. Likewise, it was a wonderful,smooth transaction. Great person, couldn't ask for better!
  9. I'll take it please email me with payment instructions
  10. Ok Sir I'll take it for $235.00. Please email me payment instructions to [email protected]
  11. Having trouble with messaging system. I'll offer $225.00 for the benelli M4 fcg metal trigger guard housing let me know. Thank you Sir
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