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  1. Hey Brian, I’m selling a spare CarrierComp H20 7-Round mag tube with the follower if you’re interested. Where in Cali are you from? I can help you out with anything or questions you have.
  2. That looks great, but I went with the other Noveske QD (M2) mount to fit into the Mesa Tactical stock with some slight modifications. I wasn't comfortable permanently drilling into my stock. I can still switch it to the other side if I want to use a web sling. I know it's not in the same spot as yours, but how I have it works for me.
  3. I'm really considering getting one. Has anyone had experience with it? If so, what are your thoughts? I'm looking at the Tactical HD chokes because my main purpose would be for home defense and the occasional clay/range targets. Which model would you recommend, CR, MR or ER? Would the competition choke suit my needs better?
  4. I got the AVA mount, but there was an issue with the fitment. It's not because of the AVA mount, but with the thickness of the barrel hanger. It seems on some Benellis' that the hanger isn't square to the barrel causing a gap where the mount attaches. There's another thread on here highlighting this issue (with photos). I had to send my barrel to them to custom fit. This issue may be part of the reason why AVA Tactical put a hold on the sale of their mounts in order to determine the scope of this issue with Benelli. You may want to contact them to get notified when it's available. I haven't had experience with the IWC mount, but decided to go with the AVA because it looked more "clean" and sleek over the IWC mount while provided the same functions. Also the IWC mount only accepts scout lights, unless you get the rail attachment (someone on here will correct me if I'm wrong). I found a few other mounting options from this site https://amsmachine.net/product-list/light-mounts/, but you might have to do some slight modifications if you don't have a rail.
  5. Hey JR, I have the same issue with the mount, but mine is worst. I couldn't put the screws on because it won't even reach the threads. If the top is clamped closed, then the bottom will have a gap and vice-versa. I got the M4 brand new a few months ago so Benelli may have done some spec changes since AVA came out with their mount. I even checked with another M4 from a local gun shop and the mount didn't fit that one either. Joel from AVA Tactical has been helpful with trying to solve this issue, but it looks like I'll have to send the barrel to him for custom fitment. I'll keep ya updated.
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