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  1. I bought a SuperNova for my son to hunt with. Friday we went duck hunting in Nebraska. It was 8°F and the gun would not fire. Pull the trigger - CLICK - no bang. Later in the day we tried it again for some trap shooting and it worked mostly fine, there was one click one time, otherwise it functioned as expected. I have always shot Remington 870 Express Super Magnums and never had trouble until my really old one finally had a component break. I opted to spend a few hundred dollars more on what I thought was a nicer gun for my son to use - and I had only ever heard great things about Benelli shotguns. It is tough to describe the level of disappointment to watch him try the new gun in the field and have it not work. Fortunately a friend had a spare shotgun we were able to let him borrow so he was able to hunt and he had a good time, but the entire experience with the Benelli was extremely frustrating. At this point I just want my money back and I'll buy an 870 for him to use. Benelli support has replied to a Facebook Message I sent them, so it is encouraging that they are responding, but still a frustrating experience.
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