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  1. I’ve always hunted the usual Public Arkansas Flooded Timber spots but they are now so crowded it’s not worth the time and money. I have identified (10) other WMA’s that are either lakes or sloughs or moist soil units I plan to try this year. The list started at 21 but I narrowed it down based on location and whether or not it required a $40 leased land permit. The Public Hunting has gotten so bad in AR due to years of unjustified 60 Day and 6 Duck seasons, little or no cold weather and too much pressure that it’s not worth waisting a lot of money on. I may not be able the enjoy the
  2. You can find M2 Americans for around that sum. They are made in Italy but don’t have comfort tech and only come with one factory Modified Choke——they are 28” barrels with a MOBL finish. I don’t care for Comfort Tech as I am rough on a shotgun so it works well for me. I prefer Black shotguns since painted guns’ finishes don’t age as well with proper care but they are a great deal.
  3. I edited this and it would let me change the original reply so here is the edited reply. I would start with the factory flush modified or improved cylinder. Benelli barrels are not oversized. A very tight choke can distort the steel shot patterns. .702 from a Kicks HF Full in my Crio M2 is way too much choke for steel shot in my experience. After 20 yards, my patterns go haywire and in my experience, the Kicks HF F prints way high. I am getting 87%-90% patterns at 35 yards with a Carlson’s Cremator Non-Ported Mid Range (.707) with Winchester XPert Lr now Super X 1-1/4 #2’s and Hevi
  4. I would start with the factory flush modified or improved cylinder. Benelli barrels are not oversized and in some cases, aftermarket chokes have been known to be off center or cocked thus distorting the point of aim. Or you can do like I did and waist money on an aftermarket choke for my M2, two of them to be exact.
  5. May you and your shotgun enjoy many Water Fowl and upland bird seasons. May the ding, in time, become nothing more than a part of the patina of years afield with a faithful companion. Or as my late Father was fond of saying: “ You dinged your gun? Good, now you can prove it’s yours. “
  6. I hunt Arkansas Flooded Timber exclusively. Losing a bolt charging handle in knee deep water is not a good deal in that venue. Today, I lost my charging handle at the gun range. The good news is I found finally found the Flooded Timber Load-Choke Combinations for 25-35 yard shots and it is 3” 1-1/4 oz. #2 Steel Shot with a Carlson’s Cremator Mid Range Non-Ported Tube (.707”). With Winchester Xpert 3” 1-1/4 oz. #2’s, the average shot count is around 150. I am putting 135 shot in a 30” circle at 25 yards (90%) and 130 shot in a 30” circle at 30 yards (87%). I’ll take that. I
  7. I can only speak to my experiences. I hunt flooded timber in Arkansas exclusively. I shoot a Benelli American M2 with Winchester Dry Lok #2 steel shot. The Kicks High Flyer full choke allows me to take the close in 20-30 yard shots or clean up on the 50 yard cripple shots.
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