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  1. John, I am glad to hear I am not the only one experiencing this issue and honestly, I was flabbergasted when it happened and continued to happen over and over again. I was always wondering why I kept missing duck after duck and even some very close geese that should have both been in the bag. They used to call me old dead eye and even didn't like to hunt with me due to me killing everything that came my way! Not so with the Supernova!!! Anyway, I also decided to pattern the gun after all of these misses and found the same exact scenario! My Supernova is shooting about 20/80 with at least 80% o
  2. I too bought the Kicks Vortex for my Supernova because it said it was made for the Federal Premium Black Clouds and I have NOT been having good results with it so far... My gun now seems to shoot low with this combination and I so much dislike it that I have listed the Benelli on Armslist as I was ready to sell it! Maybe I will keep trying to improve the thing and get it to shoot the way that I expected it too. So far, not having much luck with it and also wish I had bought the 26" barrel instead of the 28" and getting a new one is almost like purchasing a whole new shotgun they are so expensi
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