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  1. What I learned today is when I changed the shim for the comb adjustment, I couldn't figure out how the heck to reattach the recoil pad (der). I read the booklet and still had no clue due to it did not say. I then put on my super duper glasses and observed some sort of glue they used to glue it on. So I assume that i have to glue it bacK. Does anyone know what Benelli uses for an adhesive so I can get it back off without too much problem?
  2. I recently purchased a SN and it was smooth as silk right out of the box. My son "racked it" a hundred times or so and we shot trap a few times (200 rounds or so) but it was very smooth out of the box. I have been goose hunting a few times so far with no issues at all. Shot 3" and 3.5" with no issues. 2 3/4" trap no issues either.
  3. Your dad gave you a great gun. I have hunted with my 1100 for over 40 years and never had a problem with it. I have accumulated all the barrels and the latest was a bbl with screw-in Rem choaks. It will serve you for all your shooting and hunting needs. I would never sell your 1100 but buy a good "beater" like the Super Nova so you can shoot 3" shells. I have both and I like the Super Nova for geese and the 3.5" are not needed where I shoot from a blind (30 yds) tops. No cripples.
  4. I hear of alot of the same issues with the Super Novas. I'm not certain if Benelli has a location in the states but if they do, will they stand behind the gun and fix the problem under warranty? Goosinator
  5. I have been shooting shotguns for 50 years, O/U, Autos. I recently purchased a Benelli Super Nova for goose hunting. I went to the range to pattern the gun. At 30 yards with IC and MOD choaks, 3" and 3.5" Mags, sight picture was back bead under front bead and target sitting on front bead. (6 o'clock hold) The pattern is a little low with 2/3 of the pattern below the target. I did it free hand as well as bench rest. No difference. I don't see how the shims will help. My sight picture will still be the same. I took it to the trap range and it shoots very nice with lead and I covered the
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