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  1. Don't know if these help - since the forend takes up most of the barrel length.
  2. From Briley regarding manufacture of the CF magazine tube: We do not make the carbon fiber tubing ourselves but purchase it from a company called Rock West Composites and this is what they say of the carbon we have selected: "The fabric weave "money layer" makes these carbon fiber tubes ideal for aesthetic applications. But this composite tube has all the structural qualities of unidirectional tubing with an outer woven fabric ply. Additionally, the carbon fabric outer layer helps minimize fraying and splintering during cutting and/or drilling operations." We have use
  3. sorry - i re-read my posts - i meant your posts. i was watching a video at the same time i posted - it's hell getting old. Actually i had the same thought - i used a small bead of blue.
  4. Knonaime

    Got the disease

    yes sand, primer, sand, primer, sand, etc. until it is nice and smooth. epoxy primer. (wet sanding, so the fibers aren't damaged and curled out and carefully - ask me how i know)
  5. I have been reading this forum for years - finally decided to join. Thank you all to the wealth of information you have provided. Watched a lot of Stranger Danger videos on this site and others. I put the question regarding manufacturing process on the CF tube to Briley. It was mentioned above about cf production especially on automotive parts - especially an issue regarding engine parts and intakes; putting cf into BMW's is like putting them into a pizza oven, and how this would pertain to magazine tube. Link regarding manufacturing/producing composite tubing: https:
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