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  1. Yup, function tests fine with the OEM hammer in the A&S.
  2. As I said, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. The quality of the product was outstanding and I like the specs of it, it just didn't fit. If I don't get a response to this e-mail, I'll try calling on Monday now that I have some more definitive data. Next step would be the FFT trigger pack, especially if it lightens the pull a bit.
  3. Well, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this hammer does not function with the A&S trigger guard either. Same issue as with the polymer. I knew when I lined up the holes on the trigger guards and saw they were identical it wouldn't work, but attempted anyway. So either my hammer is out of spec, or the batch is, or they all are. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, but it's frustrating to say the least. I'm going to try emailing him again and see what he says. I got no response last time.
  4. Stock is difficult with 922r with a collapsible. I'll look into the updated trigger guard. That'll give me 4 pieces after hammer/trigger guard/tube and follower. This gun is like a fire pit that burns money.
  5. See my above reply. I mispoke about width being the dimension I was confused about. When overlaying the stock hammer and the replacement hammer, they are different dimensions. Yes, sorry. Those two hammers are lined up hole to hole and I tried my best to capture the variance on that edge without too much optical distortion. That's why I fear the A&S could possibly not be a solution if the trigger/disconnector are setup for a 'shorter' hammer? This is all really puzzling why they would vary.
  6. Yes, that's correct. Sorry for the confusion. Width was the wrong word to use. I'm the wrong kind of engineer for this discussion lol. The shape of the ShootingSight hammer looks.. larger... extended.. more than the factory. So since it's 'longer', when releasing the trigger the disconnector, won't release it. Get's hung up there. If the angle of the disconnector were different this wouldn't be an issue. My assumption is the angle of the shelf the disconnector rests on is different on the metal trigger guard, and also the A&S. EDIT:: Guess that'shelf is the trigger itself. Mayb
  7. Can anyone confirm this with certainty? I'd prefer not to purchase a second expensive piece chasing fitment only to find myself back at square one. Really wish websites would state that it will not work with the polymer guard. That's a useful bit of information.
  8. @shootingsight So I ordered one of the hammers and unfortunately the dimensions don't match the hammer that was installed on my new production 11707 with polymer trigger guard. Is this a known issue? I sent an e-mail a bit ago and never received a reply. Basically the additional, we'll call it... width.. for lack of a proper term, gets it hung up on the disconnector, preventing it from releasing. I mean can grind this down to fit, but seeing as it was promised as drop-in, I'm confused by this. Anyone else have this issue?
  9. Sounds like a good day. My first experience with the M4 came after teaching a friend to shoot for the first time. She did surprisingly well with a shotgun and much to me trying to convince her to otherwise due to LOP issues, weight and magazine capacity, she just felt most comfortable with it. So she asked what the best shotgun money could buy was, and I just said Benelli M4. Next range trip, much to my surprise she showed up with an H20 M4 and let me put a few boxes through it. She said my grin went ear to ear. Guess who just recently bought an 11707 for himself and now just joined a Be
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