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  1. Hi Bambihunter, I think they are measuring the total drop. Here is the full description. I hope this helps. Description: SBE II,M2,Sport II,SuperNova,SuperSport,Cordoba & Legacy Drop Shim. Available in (Z) 45mm, (A) 50mm, (B) 55mm, (C) 60mm and (D) 65mm, these shims allow you to change the drop of the stock on your 12 gauge shotgun. The shims will fit Benelli Super Black Eagle II, M2, Sport II, SuperNova, SuperSport, Cordoba and Legacy. A shotgun that fits properly not only feels better, but can also improve your shooting.
  2. Sweet looking set up. I appreciated the comments. Very helpful and thank you.
  3. Hello the Benelli Community, I want to thank everyone for the help and feedback on different product and suggestions. I did not realize when I bought the Benelli M2 tactical shotgun model 11029 that it would need 10 additional items that cost approximately $600 plus. I wanted to share the learnings from others to help anyone that has struggled like I did to try and make sure they purchase the correct supportive accessories. As I have learned and others have shared it does come down to personal preference, budget, and experience. However, as one wise person shared with me and everyone
  4. The Urban ERT is a very creative design wrapping around the stock, the flexibility to provide a one or two point contact, and quick release. I ordered the Benelli sling swivel for the front of the gun and tri lock swivels for the stock. I am not sure how well this is going to work. I needed the new front swivel given I replaced the standard benelli tube extension for a LSX +4. It sticks out only 1 inch past the barrel but provides 7+ 1 in total. Just what I wanted. I also noticed how you could buy the GG&G sling swivels for the front and for the neck of the stock for an M2. This se
  5. Nice write up and thank you. I learned a few things.
  6. Nice....How are you attaching the sling to the stock?
  7. I have read mixed comments about buying a sling for the Benelli M2 tactical shotgun? Some say its a great idea to have the ability to keep your hands free. Others say they cannot imagine not having your hands on the shotgun when you need to use it. I have read that most people like either Vickers or Magpul. They also have padded slings? Does this help? I assume the padded is nice when you are walking with gun out in the fields, etc. I have also read about the quick release clips or attachments. What slings has everyone used? Did you use the quick release attachments as well? Help a
  8. Thank you for sharing your experience and your suggestion. I am learning how attachments can impact the operation overall. So you are correct it will come down to testing and learning.
  9. Dear Benelli community, Do you still think the M2 jams on low load shells? Do you need to buy the Taran Tactical Innovations reduced buffer spring to shoot the lower loads? I have just purchased a new 3gun M2 and would like to know what people have experienced. Thank you in advance for the feedback. TTI Benelli Ultimate Reduced-Power Buffer Spring
  10. Grant


    Thank you for sharing. Always make sense with experience used.
  11. Grant


    What does everyone think about adding RMRs like a Trijicon with the Scalarworks mount? What about adding it to the Benille m2 3 gun model? I realize the set up allows you to quickly acquire a target with the rear sight (Xpress) 12-14 inches down the barrel with the HIVIZ Front Sight. Would this help with longer shots? Anyone add an RMR with an M2?
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