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  1. Can you measure LOP from center of trigger to center of butt put? I'm wondering if I should shorten the Benelli stock 1" and have a smith grind a limbsaver. It looks like there is room inside for 2 inches of reduction. Mike
  2. These are powdered tungsten held together with a binder. I've done some experimentation in the past and 12# rat shot works pretty well too if you reload. I've made some 12ga snake loads but never tried them in an automatic.
  3. Normally the Military wants Type 3 amorphous "hard anodizing" (MIL-A-8625) which is thicker and holds more dye (and tends to soak up and incorporate oil). Funny thing is Type 3 is the one that allows the darkest shades of black. It sounds like they are going with some process change that allows even harder or thicker finish but does not hold the dye as well. There are a lot of new processes using other acids than the traditional Sulfuric or Chromic acid and even some plasma deposition processes.
  4. I am tall with long arms. I went and measured all my shotguns with field stocks that feel "right" and are quick for me I get a 14-14.5" LOP. The 14.25" Benelli stock should be perfect for me but it isn't. It passes the bent arm test but something is different with a pistol grip that makes me hit my bicep or snag my shirt. holding the gun like it was a field stock (letting the pistol grip fall between my middle and ring fingers), the length feels right again. Using it as a pistol grip but with the butt plate off, it feels right again. I think going 2" shorter with the Mesa Tacti
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