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Thread: How to unload a M2 Field

  1. Default How to unload a M2 Field

    I recently purchased a Benelli M2 field and its my first semi-auto gun after years of a pump. I have only shot maybe 5 boxes of shells through it and hunted just once with it.

    I feel that the instruction manual is very difficult to understand (so much technical jargon) on how to unload the gun. How do I unload the 3 shells that are in the magazine besides cycling them through to the chamber then out??? I have tried pressing the little button next to the magazine but that doesn't seem to work. I'm worried I have something wrong with my gun.

    Please someone help answer this question I have.

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    Most Benelii owners actually do cycle them through the chamber.
    The mag catch release method can be tricky and can result in band-aids.

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    This is true. It is just as easy to cycle them through.

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    Prob is that the ejector will start to deform cartridge rims if you continue to cycle the same rounds over and over again.

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    Default This is a problem with M2's

    The shell magazine retainer does not allow you to release shells from the magazine manually, as it should, unless you have incredibly strong fingers. That is no good and it is true of every M2 I have handled or shot.

    The M1's did not have this problem, and the Ultra Light does not either. I have all three types of guns.

    Why would having to live-cycle rounds be a problem? Because you should be able to remove shells quickly and as safely as possible, and this limitation compromises that ability.

    I unloaded my model #37 pump for years, which has a similiar type of magazine retainer, in about 3 seconds, by pushing with my finger on the retainer.

    At first I thought this is a design flaw, but now I think the Benelli engineers wanted to insure that shells would not kick out of the magazine prematurely for whatever reason. I am not a pro gunsmith, but I imagine some judicious filing would tune the retainer to allow manual unloading. There's probably drawbacks (aside from warranty issues) with that idea...

    So, you have to cycle shells through the chamber to get them out of the gun.

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    So what I gather is that I should just cycle them through the chamber. I'm not a big time hunter and will maybe shoot 250 rounds a year so I doubt much damage can take place.

    thanks everyone for your help.

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