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New member, old 121-M1 (w/pics!)


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Hello, new guy here! I picked up an old 121-M1 the other day but am having problems with it feeding shells out of the magazine tube like some others before me I suppose. I can't wait to take out this new toy, so thanks in advance to anyone throwing their hat into the mess this is. By the way, here is said toy....



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your carrier release button does a couple of things,,it will allow access to the tube via the lifter if you push it in and back ,,it will release the shell carrier and allow shells into the tube ,,it acts as a shell release from the tube,,if the buttton is slapped foward and up and it will release a shell from the mag tube onto the lifter then rack the bolt and your ready for action,,, sof magazine 8-83 tells it about the same way but with pics,,plus the owners manual tells it another way,,so get some dummmy shells and work with it till you find a proper drill for yourself,,

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most 121 m1s come with the tiny bolt release button as most Benellis do,,yours has the after market product ,,looks like a choate machine job,,the proceedure above can only be excecuted with a larger button such as ours so that part of the job is done,,now get a practicing.

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