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    oohhhhhhhhhhh....... very nice.
  2. Budget? There's a ton of good options out there ranging from $60-$600 Are you looking towards a rail mounted dedicated light like the Surefire Scout or just a regular 1" body light to put in a ring. (No less than 65 lumens I'd say for output.)
  3. The range attendant told me I couldn't place the pin any closer than 50yds. so I went with it and stuck the little guy at the 50yd. marker. Took aim and wouldn't you know first shot off with his head. That thing went clear up in the air maybe 40 feet high at an 80 degree angle... I'm by no means good but that made me feel pretty confident with my M4.
  4. Sorry, but I guess I can only post 2 pics at a time..
  5. Hello, new guy here! I picked up an old 121-M1 the other day but am having problems with it feeding shells out of the magazine tube like some others before me I suppose. I can't wait to take out this new toy, so thanks in advance to anyone throwing their hat into the mess this is. By the way, here is said toy....
  6. Tried it, and it's not a good idea. I fell for the mini-shell trap and bought a couple boxes to try out. Terrible results; some shells rotated sideways during the loading and a couple even did a complete 180 and faced the opposite end! Not something I'd try in the future. BUT, on the bright side at least I've never had an AR mag inserted backwards or something.
  7. That's almost as good as Quantico Arms website selling Aimpoint ML2's for a sale price of $9.90! Not sure how many orders they got that night, but I can tell you it didn't last and none were honored for that price as far as I know....
  8. In the past I've used one i picked up from 3gungear.com that pretty much sticks on with velcro anywhere that best suits you. That way you can rip it off if needed or swap it onto another shotgun. It holds 8 shells too.
  9. Sounds like a fair price compared to all the ones I've seen on gunbroker. Actually I see them go for even more now that I think of it...
  10. For starters, hello Benelli forum! M1014, you seem to be the source for info on these 121-M1's. I need your help please. If you want I'll post whatever how many pictures of my newly aquired 121-M1 for you to see, but what info did you give the OP for his problem? I'm in the same boat as him and all internet searches brought me here, where i saw your posts. Thanks in advance, and if I should start a new thread let me know.
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