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Reliability of R1 in Adverse Hunting Conditions

Double D

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I would be interested in hearing from those of you that have used the r1 rifle in snow, sleet, rain, freezing conditions, extreme heat, etc., and how the r1 held up. Accuracy, cycling, stock and forearm expansion and contraction???


Any comments are much appreciated.

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My R1 went thru 7 days hunt in freezing cold ( up to -20c*) without any problems. Flawless performace with factory made ammo and couple of jams with reloads ( bullet was set 0.005 off the lands).

I did notice a slight change in POA after taking a few shots with home-made handloads on very cold morning, but it wasn't too bad , least nothing to be concerned about. I think it was a fault of mmy quick release rings.



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Phenom 101 I'm impressed that you even tried adjusting for a closer tolerance in a gas operated rifle. I have Stoney Points OAL gauge ( for now only the streight one) but would never have tried to use one for a semi auto. I suppose as long as everything fits. And you can prove a few shots and then be consistent with the reloads there's no reason why one cannot. Your Jaming could have been slop in the bullet to neck tolerance. I read in Lee's manual that one should crimp the neck for semi autos due to the cycleing stress.

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