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SpeedFeed stock for SuperNova tactical?


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.. And now I can post links.


According to Speedfeed's own website, they don't.


If it's ability to carry ammunition on the weapon you want, you might want to check out Mesa Tactical's "Sureshot" sidesaddles. The models for the SuperNova incorporate a picatinny rail on top of the receiver for mounting optics.


I hope that helps.


Thanks for the reply. Actually, I currently have the Mesa Tactical unit installed. However, due to various reasons, I might be taking it off. Not sure yet. Either way, I was just looking for other reliable alternatives for storing ammo on the weapon itself. Thanks again.

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Well you might want to buy a Benelli SteadyGrip Stock. Benelli's pistol grip stocks are the best all around plus, you can add a Mesa Tactical SureShell shotshell holder to your stock (see pictures below).






You can easily grab a SteadyGrip stock on eBay for 100$. The Mesa Tactical SureShell shotshell holder sells 45$ on Tactical Shotgunner ( http://www.tacticalshotgunner.com/mesa-tactical-stock-mount-4shot-sureshell-carrier-m1m2m3-and-p-74.html?osCsid=979ed6c895d94c568cb9d8dd6e1744ff ).

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That stock mounted shell carrier from Mesa just might be what Im looking for. Actually, I already have a the SteadyGrip stock installed. It just never occured to me that this particular Mesa item existed. Kinda makes me wish I had gone this route initially, had I known about it. My receiver mounted SureShell carrier is already giving me thread problems. Oh well, thanks very much for the idea. I will definately check it out!

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