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Okay, The Trulock choke I purchased produced the roundest, most evenly distributed patterns my M4 has produced. Sadly, they were rather open as it was an IC choke (The benelli IC choke patterned more erratically, but MUCH! tighter for some reason).


So I ordered a MOD Trulock choke in my last attempt at getting killer buckshot patterns out of this thing. My shell of preference is OOO Remington Buck.


Will post up in a few days.

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Well, FINALLY I found what my M4 likes. This is a good target at 40 yards (not a cherry-picked on, just on the better side of average, I only shot a couple at 40, but they looked like this pretty much).




(Sorry for the big-pic, I don't have MS paint on this computer yet).




At 90 paces (probably 90 meters), I managed to hit this target every time with Remington Slugger Slugs. I was standing and leaning/bracing against a tree, and I am sure I was flinching by this point. I even removed the barrel and choke and re-installed them (what good is it if my weapon loses zero after I take it home and clean it?). It shot to roughly the same POA. Groups were nothing to brag about mainly due to the leaning/standing, and my flinching, but I never once missed the paper, although I did barely connect once or twice. The paper measures 14"x18". This weapon will easily allow hits on humanoid torso's out to 100m.


If my slugs "destabalized" and tumbled, then they all must have hit nose-first by some genius stroke of luck, b/c there was no oval or sideways hole in my target.


OO Magnum buckshot (remington as well) did "ok", but my M4 REALLY likes the OOO Buck.


I used Birchwood Casey lube and a Briley Speed Wrench to tighten the choke. It never once came loose, including a box of 3" BB Steel Estate that I shot through it some rapid-fire.

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