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Sbeii Stock


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I have an SBEII, but unfortunately it is too long for me. I been shooting it for about three years and although i am accustomed to the long "butt", i need to cut it. How do i go about doing this? i know it will be difficult to cut the comfort tech stock, and i do not want to cut it incase i want to resell the gun. I was thinking about buying a non comfort tech stock and cutting it to my fit. will that work? Can someone please help me on this matter. I will greatly appreciate it! Thank You in advance.

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Cutting the Comfortech stock is not a great idea.

Getting a standard stock and having a gunsmith cut it down and installing a limbsaver is a better option.

Explain to the gunsmith that you still need to access the retaining nut, so he can leave a hole in the middle of the plate.


Just curious is a limbsaver good to get for a comfortech stock?

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A good gunsmith can install anything you want.

Limbsavers what come with mounting plates work well in synthetic and hollow stocks.

The mounting plate can be epoxied inside the cut stock and then the pad is attacked in the traditional manner with screws.

I had a 700 PSS rifle that was shortened and a limbsaver was installed.

An aluminum plate is fitted inside the end of the synthetic stock and the pad is screwed to that.

Here's how it looked when it was finished.


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