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20 ga. Montefeltro jamming


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Hi, I have a 20 ga. Montefeltro that I bought used 4 years ago. This gun has given me nothing but trouble since I bought it. About 50% of the time after the 1st. shot the bolt will stay open and the loaded shell is sitting on the carrier, I then have to either lighty push the bolt to close or push on the bottom of carrier to get the shell to chamber.

I have had this gun completely striped down many times and cleaned everything including the spring in the stock. When it is cold outside the bolt doesn't close with much force. I am woundering if the spring in the stock is weak? I have been shooting 3" Fiocchi Golden Pheasant in this gun. I really like this gun but I am ready to give up on it.

Thanks for any help you guys can give me.

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I'm sure CS would be willing to help, even though the gun may be out of warranty.


You said you cleaned the cycle mechanism. Was there any sign of wear or corrosion?


Did you fully diassemble the bolt group and clean the internal parts?


What kind of cleaner and oil are you using?


I don't know if Sure Cycle makes a 20 ga. system for the Monte, but you may want to check with them.

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I have taken every part of this gun apart. It looks like new inside and out. There isn't any sign of ware. I don't think that the gun was shot very much before I bought it and I have only shot it about 100 times because I can't trust it for hunting.

I have used Benelli oil and Triflow. I will look at Sure Cycel.

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Never heard of a Monte 20 giving anyone any problems.


I know guys that have put upwards of 100,000 rounds through their Monte 20's with no major problems.


Sorry you are having problems with the normally reliable gun.


Send it back to Benelli for inspection - something is likely broken.


mudhen - CA

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