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Terror Chokes


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PM Mudhen ... he's got the turkey hunting deal down pat. The .655 seems to be in the ballpark, although the .660 Rhino Turkey choke got the best press that I've seen. 3-1/2" Winchester "Extended Range" Hi-Density #6's got rave reviews too.


With all respect to the authors; here's some posts I saved when I was going through the same research; you'll have to dig out the pertinent information from a bunch of assorted posts ... but there's good stuff embedded in there.





Hevi does leave a mess, but as far as reliability.. I have had no problems. It has killed most everything I have thrown it at, usually quite effectively. Most of the problems were with the original manufacturer, not Remington. I think the small price of a few extra passes of the bore cleaner is worth the efficiency of the kill. That stuff really hits hard! Less follow up shots required = less ammo wasted. (IMHO)


As for chokes - follow Tucker's link + Check the NWTF message board for Benelli turkey chokes. Most seem to like the Rhino's or other brands in the .660 to .675 range. Briley makes some quality chokes for pass shooting, I've only used factory stuff.


You should be able to shoot heavi-shot through any choke that is rated for it - including most turkey chokes. Check the manufacturer's web site or call.


I killed 2 turkey's this spring with the same load you posted above thru a Briley XF extended choke. Not the greatest patterns past 35 yards, but it smoked 'em in close.


Good luck and enjoy the new gun!


for turkeys i would use a kicks .660 or .655


I used a Cabel's HS choke .670 w/ 31/2 #5s in my nova on a nice tom at 30 yds recently. He didn't know what hit.


I intend to pattern some of the premier chokes, but so far I was content w/ what I got from a $29.00 except that it rusted in the threads from rain.


I am very pleased with the hevi shot, not messy and worked more than fine.


This past season I was duck hunting w/ guys that were using HS and I didn't know it at the time, nor did they tell, but I can say they had some reach out and touch. for duck I rather wait for the shot than pay the price.


I shot my 3" 12 guage today. Here are the results...With #4 shot I totally blew the head apart at 20 yards, Put 36 hits in the head & neck at 30 yards but only 3 hits in the head & neck at 40 yards. Why such a sudden drop? I then switched to # 6 shot. Similar results but with 8-12 in the head and neck at 40 yards. Any Advice?


however if you must shoot past 30 yds use an extra full extended choke with winchester xtended range turkey shot(it's incredibly expensive but devestatingly good patterns)


After some advice and some reading up, I guess I was over choking the # 4s. I am using the Comp-n-choke xxx full. I switched to winchester supreme turkey loads..2oz # 5s. The results with the 5s were 34-36 good hits at 30 yards...17-22 good hits consistantly at 44 yards.

Tucker, I've killed a lot of turkeys and very few over 30 yards. I was just kind of confused as to why my gun was performing that way... more than being concerned that I might not be able to take a long range shot at a bird. I guess I have my answer. Thanks All.


You could try a splatter board and find out where your pellets are going at 40 yards.


SBE II + Rhino .660 1.5" choke + Win Ext #6's + a tom at 49 yards (not my range but that was what I was offered)



I just personally believe that trying a tom over 30 yards is risky at best. I know people do it all the time, but I'd rather let him get away clean than to cripple him and lose him.

I've killed maybe 30 Spring gobblers in my time and I had my second miss (I'm sure a few hit him) last year at 40 yards. It won't happen again.


disclaimer: The above comments are my own personal beliefs based upon my own experiences. If you can kill gobblers at 150 yards with #9 shot, then go for it.


You are absolutely right Tucker. I'll bet that the majority of game that got away wounded (deer, turkey or whatever) were the result of taking an ill-advised shot.

Mudhen, I tried the win. ext. # 6 today. That really is an impressive load. I couldn't believe the pattern that I was getting...consistantly over 20 good head/neck hits at 40 yards. (Shooting 3" .) It was pretty expensive though.


Yes, it is rather pricey, pricey but good!


If I shot it during duck season, I would end up spending $1500!


I have heard that the Win Extended is non-tox and will be available for waterfowling once given the final USFW approval.


mudhen - CA


i get really good patterns out of a kicks choke with federal 3-1/2 tungsten plated shells


I have always questioned non-lead shot in full chokes. but does that leave a nasty mess in your barrel after you test fired those?


and If you don't mind what exactly were your results from that testing?


no it is lead shot but it is just plated with tungsten it worked great. got 45 in head and neck at 40 yards.

1. ===================================================================

According to Rhino - Wing Supply does not stock a 2" Rhino for the SBE II - they stock a 1.5" Rhino for the SBE II.


No one stocks a 2" Rhino for the SBE II, it is a special order from Rhino and costs $120.


The 1.5" Rhino I have is rusty brown/red colored.


Rhino 'splained it all to me - they tested the 2" Crio and found no benefit over the 1.5" Crio, so the 1.5" Crio is the standard model.


A very sharp lady @ Rhino told me to buy the 1.5" and test it - she said she would be surprised if I didn't like the pattern.

The Rhino seems to like the Win Ext - and I hear it likes the Nitro HS H51013, which I have but have not tested yet.



Nice birds, mudhen!

Only thing I've done so far is a jake that was nearly beheaded by the SBEII/Rhino combo at 12 paces.

Normally, I don't shoot jakes, but this one was in a spot destined to be a shopping center by next season, so I figured I was doing no real harm.... and he was 12 paces in front of me.


Ditto on others comments on the Rhino.

Love it!





the basic fact about turkey hunting is that you usually want the tightest pattern possible, So obvously you can use the factory full* choke that came with the gun.


If you prefer the more precise and effective shots you can get a benelli or beretta extended extra full choke, they give you the precise increments on these to tell you the diameter of the end of the choke (i.e. .685) the lower the number the tighter the patern. Please note that you should use either #5 or #6 shot for an extra full choke.


Personally I feel comfortable using winchesters classic regular lead loads, but hev-shot is ok.


I would recomend Trulock* brand chokes if you aren't going to get beretta or benelli.


The patterns are good, and effective at up to 50 yds. I got about 75% density at that range using regualr winchester lead turkey loads in a 24" barrel on a beretta Al392 Urika.


For #6 I don't use this load very often because, well I don't know I like #5 better. But I still have patterned it.


using the same choke as the #5 above I got about the same patterns. So I tried a Rhino choke .665 diameter, and the patterns are beautiful. about 85% of the shot in the circle at 50 yds. and so I increased the range of the target and I have determined that it probably would be effective at 60yds. however I cannot confirm this becase I have never actually shot a turkey with #6.


Every time I try a different shot size each season I don't even see anything. This season I waited till the last minute and I used #6 with the rhino, and of course I didn't get to use either of my tags.


This one fell to my Franchi with a .660 Rhino with Nitros H-378 tri hevi shot load at 35 yards.




Bowjack, give HEVI-13 a try by Environ-Metal .I used the factory mod choke and smoked a turkey at 65 yards with #6`s.I also use Briley choke tubes( Ex- Im Mod,and Lt.Mod) with excellent patterns with HEVI-13,Remington HV,Kent Tungsten Matrix.My choice for Turkey is HEVI-13 #6 or #4s and for waterfowl go with Kent Tungsten Matrix # 5s,#3s and 1s on Geese.Of all the shells that I have tryed these patterned the best at 40 and beyound and do a excellent job with the MOD Chokes.I`m shooting a Benelli SBE 11 (28") and had nothing but good results with this gun and these shells.Good hunting and hunt safe,Boo

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